Monday, April 23, 2012

My Mom

In January, Mom found out that the melanoma she had in her finger came back. It came back with a vengence. There were 6 lesions in her brain and more than a dozen melanoma lumps all over her body. Everything seemed to materialize in about a six month period before January.

We began radiation treatments for her brain in January. In February, the largest lesion was irritated by the radiation, and it bled out. The bleeding and swelling caused her to lose most of the mobility in the right side of her body. She appeared to be recovering for several weeks but had a focal seizure on the first Saturday in March. After a hospital stay at Emory, she again appeared to be getting stronger, and we were planning to begin treatment for the melanoma in her body. We celebrated her 64th birthday on March 31st, and the last time she was able to get out of bed was April 1st.

From April 2nd until April 20th, she continued to get weaker and weaker. We had no idea how strong she really was and how much she wanted to stay with us. My sister, her family, my brother, and my family were here with her. I know she could hear her children, our spouses, and her grandbabies throughout the house. I'm sure it made her that much more determined to hang on as long as she could.

On April 20th at 8:21 am, she went to Heaven. We cried for her during her illness. Now we are crying for us because we miss her so much.

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