Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emma Rose's 5th Birthday

This past Saturday on April 17th, we hosted Emma Rose's 5th birthday party. I still can't believe that my baby is 5 years old! Alas . . . time has passed, and we celebrated! There were 4 little girls from Emma Rose's pre-school class, one from her dance class, 2 from our neighborhood, and her BFF, Lauren. "The real Ariel," as Emma Rose says, was the star of her party. She was wonderful!

We had Ariel princess crowns for the girls, and I made very simple pink tulle princess skirts for them. When Ariel arrived, there were princess lessons: how to waive and to curtsy. Ariel painted their faces and then made balloon animals. She told them The Little Mermaid story and let Anabelle sit in her lap. All the girls loved her!

Emma Rose had a great time, and we took lots of pictures. Enjoy!

My First YouTube Video: Anabelle Snorting

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Gardening

My tomato seeds have germinated! (The battle is not over. I still have to get them to grow enough to plant them in the garden, but I'm hopeful!) Last year, I saved some Mr. Stripy seeds, and I'm glad I did. There is not one yellow tomato plant to be found way up here in Canton. I started a few of my seeds, and it worked! Also, my sweet friend Nicki found two yellow tomato plants for me in Dunwoody. Hooray! I may have to convince John to dig up some garden space for me. I'd love to plant many more veggies.

So far, we have planted 6 tomato plants (1 red cherry, 4 regular red, and 1 black prince), two small rows of beans, 1 row of carrots, 6 cucumber plants, 1 thyme, and 4 blueberry plants. I planted 4 lavendar plants out front. Our strawberry plants are doing really well, and I think we may start to see some fruit really soon. I'm still on the search for some basil, but I'm sure I'll be able to find a few of those soon. We love the fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruit!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Trip to Kennesaw Mountain

On Saturday, we went to Kennesaw Mountain for a hike. Truth be told, it was a leisurly walk! We enjoyed the weather, the rocks, the birds and squirrels, and pretty scenery. The girls had a great time! John ended up carrying them down the last little part of the mountain. I took my camera and was able to get some pretty good pictures. A nice couple offered to take a family picture for us. I think it's about 5th one we have of all of together! It was super sweet for them to offer.

We are already looking for a Saturday to go back and enjoy it all over again. Mine and John's legs have to stop feeling sore first!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Concert

In March, Emma Rose's preschool class had their Spring Concert. The parents were asked to dress them in a "spring" costume. Emma Rose was a flower. I was able to get some pictures but haven't updated the blog. She had a great time, and she was so cute! Her whole class did a great job. I can't believe she'll be 5 years old in just a few days and will graduating from preschool next month.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Harley: The Newest Member of the Family

For an early Easter gift, John brought home a little baby dachshund! He is a black and silver dapple with a little red on his feet and eye brows. We decided to name him Harley, but the girls keep getting his name mixed up with other family members. I think the name is going to stick, and Harley is responding to Harley. It's the name I wanted for Hobie back in 2002, but John really wanted Hobie! He won, and now I have my Harley. Everything works out!

The boys are getting along very well, and Hobie loves having a playmate. The girls, especially Emma Rose, love Harley. He is not yet 3 pounds, and we think his final weight will be somewhere between 6 and 8 pounds. He's pretty awesome!