Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Emma Rose's 5th Birthday

This past Saturday on April 17th, we hosted Emma Rose's 5th birthday party. I still can't believe that my baby is 5 years old! Alas . . . time has passed, and we celebrated! There were 4 little girls from Emma Rose's pre-school class, one from her dance class, 2 from our neighborhood, and her BFF, Lauren. "The real Ariel," as Emma Rose says, was the star of her party. She was wonderful!

We had Ariel princess crowns for the girls, and I made very simple pink tulle princess skirts for them. When Ariel arrived, there were princess lessons: how to waive and to curtsy. Ariel painted their faces and then made balloon animals. She told them The Little Mermaid story and let Anabelle sit in her lap. All the girls loved her!

Emma Rose had a great time, and we took lots of pictures. Enjoy!

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