Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ramona: May She Rest in Peace

During last week's snow "storm," John was in an accident on Highway 140, which is a winding, two lane road here in Canton. We expected snow, but it came down faster and wetter than even the Weather Channel predicted. The snow itself was beautiful. The flakes were big and fluffy, and once it hit the ground and the vegetation, we had a temporary winter wonderland.

Poor Ramona did not fair so well. She slipped on the road, and John had a choice: potentially hit another driver in the other lane or drive off the road. He chose to go off the road, and telephone pole stopped him. Ramona is totalled, but God use her to protect John. The emergency workers insisted that John go to the hospital due to pain in the collar bone area, and he was disoriented. The doctors at the hospital found nothing, and John walked away from the crash with only bruises and sore muscles.
We are also very, very thankful for having such wonderful neighbors. They helped me stay sane in a stressful situation!

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