Sunday, July 18, 2010

Visit to Mamaw's House

At the end of June, the girls and I went to visit my maternal grandmother, Mamaw. She lives in Murphy, North Carolina. It was a beautiful summer day, and the girls were able to enjoy some time playing in the branch (the little creek in Mamaw's front yard). They even saw a salamander! Mostly, they threw rocks and sticks from the footlog (the little bridge over the branch) and walked across a piece of wood balanced between two rocks. The weather was hot, the water was cold, and the girls were very, very happy!

Mamaw will be 95 at the end of August, and she was glad to see us. We had a huge lunch, and I was able to visit with Mamaw, three of my uncles, and one aunt. And, Cricket was there, too! We don't get up there nearly enough!

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