Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend

Halloween weekend was very fun and very busy. I'm still not fully recovered. Emma Rose was a lady bug, and Anabelle was a good witch.

The festivities began for me early Thursday morning as I started to prepare for two class parties. I had to go shopping for all the baking and crafting we were planning! I love being able to be involved with the girls' classes, and this was so much fun! Anabelle's party started off with all the classes in her preschool giving a Halloween parade for the parents. They were all very cute. Aside from Anabelle the Good Witch, my favorite costume was Elvis. Back in the classroom, Anabelle's class had some yummy treats, crafts, and several games. They all had a great time!

I dashed off from Anabelle's school to start on Emma Rose's class "party" that was labeled Fall Centers so that we were sure to be educational. (Wink. Wink.) I didn't take my camera into the classroom, but we had great fun, too. The class made patterned skeletons, colored a spider (by letter), decorated cookies, and played Halloween bingo. They also had a special snack that looked more like a sugar buffet: cookie cake, marshmallow popsicles, some various other sweets, and pizza muffins. On the way home, Emma Rose said to me, "I ate way too much sugar." I totally agree!

We had an early bedtime that night, so we could start Saturday out well rested. Saturday started out with a quick trip to Target as Anabelle had ripped her black tights on Friday. Nicki, Laurin, and Patrick came over for early trick-or-treating. We went down to Hickory Flat UMC then came home for lunch and crafting. We made spiders and ghosts! The Griffiths headed home, and we met Chris, Beth, and Grayson for trick-or-treating at Publix. The girls got to decorate cookies and were given some great treats! Once we were home, we had dinner with the neighbors and trick-or-treated in our neighborhood. By that time, Anabelle was very tired! At one point, she sat down on the side walk and said, "I can't run that fast." The girls were in the bed by 8:30!

Sunday, we had church and nap. During the afternoon, we went for a hay ride and pot luck dinner at Buffington Baptist Church right down the street. I didn't remember my camera for that, but I don't think I could have held the camera to get any pictures. The girls were in the bed that night by 7:30!

Fun was had by all, and here are some of the pictures from the weekend! Enjoy!

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