Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anabelle made the Local Paper!!

Anabelle's Christmas program was last week, Wednesday the 15th. A reporter from the local paper, the Cherokee Tribue, was there taking pictures for the paper. Her got a shot of our little Anabelle pointing to me and John! She was in the Thursday paper (the 16th) on page A5. Because we had a huge ice storm on Wednesday night, the paper wasn't distributed! The school is trying to get some copies of the paper, but in the mean time, we can see it electronincally. This is the link to the paper: To see her picture, the date must be changed to Thursday, 12/16/2010 and the page is A5. Her classmate, Katlyn, made the front page, and the article is also there.

We so love Hickory Flat United Methodist Preschool! Here is the picture just in case you can't access the article:

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