Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tellus Science Museum

Last weekend, John discovered a jewel in Cartersville: Tellus Science Museum. At about 9:30, he says, "Let's Go!" And we went at about 11:30. I was skeptical because it was Cartersville. I was so pleasantly surprised! The museum was really wonderful, and the absolute best part was that the museum had a lot of hands-on activities for the girls.

On our way in, a very grumpy lady told us the visit was not worth the money we had to pay to get in. She had salt and pepper waist length hair that was tied loosely in a ponytail hanging a little to the side of her head. She was wearing what I think may have been hospital worker pants and a hooded, zippered sweatshirt. I didn't get a look at her feet, but I suspect she may have had on crocs. Then she told us that security threatened to "call the cops" on her twice "for nothin'." Also, she insisted that there was nothing for the children to do despite advertisements. I was a little nervous about going in at that point.

On the way in, John asked a security man about her. He started to apologize profusely and say that she was causing some problems. The lady selling tickets said the same, and added that in two years, they had only asked two people to leave. This woman happened to be number two. Throughout our visit, all the museum personnel approached us to see if we were having a good time. They were very concerned that our time there started that way. They were great!

The hands on activities were a big favorite with the girls. They got to pan for minerals, dig for fossils, and play in a very large learning room containing specialized areas for magnets, gravity, etc. It was a great day! These are pictures of the visit:

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