Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thank you, Auntie Carla!

My sister sent Anabelle a Perfect Petzzz for her birthday. It was an orange tabby. The great part about these pets is they appear to be real. This one purrs and its belly goes up and down as if it is breathing. When Anabelle woke up this morning, her orange tabby was waiting on her. She wouldn't touch it! It was so fuuny. She asked, "Mommy, is it real?" I told her she had to touch it. After a couple of rounds of that, she decided to wake up her sister.

On the way upstairs, she came across Jasper and said in a whisper, "Jasper, you have a new kitty." When she went into her sister's room, she said, "Emma Rose, we have a new kitty, and IT'S MINE!" What's so funny about that is that Anabelle has a love/hate relationship with our cat, Jasper. She finally figured out that the orange tabby was not real. She looked at me and said, "I wanted her to be real." She got over that pretty quickly and named her kitty Jasmine Fluffly Rainbow Carpenter. This is the thank you video we made for Auntie Carla this morning. The guest appearance is by Emma Rose.

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