Friday, December 19, 2008

Monday morning at breakfast, Emma Rose told me this story: When I was a little girl, there was a tent. There was a big tent and a little tent. I hid in the big tent. When the man came, he said "You look yummy in there." Weird.

She is also telling "jokes." Monday night, we had a series of jokes that dealt with most anything she saw going on around her. For example, "I had a spoon on my head." Hysterical, dramatic laughing followed. Then, "Do you get it?" This continued for about 5 minutes. John and I couldn't stop laughing at her. She got the giggles and couldn't stop laughing herself!

Anabelle is now mirroring most of what Emma Rose does, especially at dinner. When Emma Rose turns her face to the ceiling to laugh, Anabelle does it. When Emma Rose squeals with laughter, Anabelle does it. Emma Rose can also get Anabelle to say most all of her words and some new ones. It's wonderful to watch them interacting!

Tuesday night, John and I started getting Emma Rose thinking more about Santa. We asked her what whe was going to ask Santa for. She said, "I'm going to ask him for a camera for Anabelle." We teared up pretty good. Wednesday night, Santa (aka Pops) made a personal call to her. She was not shy, and she asked Santa for a Woody toy (from Toy Story), a giraffe, and some wind up toys. Santa also made sure to ask her to leave cookies and milk for him on Christmas Eve. She told him that she and and Mommy would make them for him! (I was very touched that she remembered me.) She also asked for toys for Anabelle. The camera was still on the list. She does not really like it when Anabelle plays with her camera! A selfless or selfish request??

Thursday night at bed time, Emma Rose told me we "needed to talk." Her face turned thoughtful, and she told me her heart was broken. I asked why, and she said she loved me, Daddy, and Anabelle so much. After assuring her we loved her, too, I asked her if her heart was still broken. She said, "a little." Then she told me her heart was broken when Anabelle fell down the stairs (3 weeks ago). She came in our bedroom after we had tucked her in and, with a sweet smile, told me both of her hearts were put together again.

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