Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Play Date with Laurin and Nicki

This past Saturday, Nicki and Laurin came over for a visit. Emma Rose and Laurin had a great time playing kitchen and tea party in Emma Rose's room. They also played this disturbing game in which they would put a plastic banana in their mouths and spit it back and forth at one another. The giggling between the spitting was tremendous, so we just couldn't stop the game. Eventually, they gave their attention to other toys that weren't used as mouth projectiles. Whew!! The girls got into a funny face making mood. Laurin had some really cute faces for sad, angry, and happy. Emma Rose had the same exact face for any emotion requested.

Anabelle also played in Emma Rose's room while the "big girls" played. She mostly did her own thing, and she had fun just hanging out with us. Hobie perched on Emma Rose's bed under the purple cozy blanket and eventually fell asleep on his back.

Later that night, Emma Rose and Anabelle had a bath. They both love bath night. Lately, Emma Rose asks more than once every day if tonight is bath night. She's very disappointed if we say no. When Anabelle sees us filling the tub with water, she does everything she can to get in. She's even tried to throw a leg up and hoist herself over. She's much too small to achieve the desired results, so she starts bouncing up and down and says, "Me! Me! Me!" They love to splash. The rainbow water stains on the wall are proof of such.

On this particular bath night, Anabelle was a little gassy. (It's baby gas, so it's still cute.) She thinks it's very funny to toot. She stood up in the bath and gave us a present. It was LOUD. Emma Rose's reaction to this gift was hilarious! She made her 'That's Really Stinky' face.

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