Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Anabelle's favorite word is no. She is even saying no when she really means yes. We're working on the yes, and it seems to get better on and off. She is says "Meee- ow!" everytime she sees a Jasper. She is also saying "woof-woof-woof" when she sees every dog but Hobie. She has been calling Hobie "ho-ho" and now that is morphing into "ho (slight pause) be."

Emma Rose shares her dessert (aka reward for eating a meal) with Anabelle. Anabelle follows her relentlessly or stands right by her chair until Emma Rose carefully puts a bite of dessert in her mouth. Anabelle stays right with Emma Rose and says more. If this is not rewarded with another bite, the more gets insistent and leads to a scream. Emma Rose is such a sweet big sister and a great sharer!

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Judy C said...

Yes works best. Especially for dessert.