Tuesday, February 3, 2009

We may have had a minor milestone. It has been a week since Anabelle pooped in the tub. While I know this is not as exciting for parents who have non-tub poopers, I can assure you this is something to celebrate. If I could teach Jasper the Cat to puke up her hair balls some where other than the carpet, we could have a major party. Am I a movie star or do I just feel the intense glamour of pretending to be one in my house?

In construction news, the three houses being built around our house are almost done! We met Dwayne, the father of the family who is moving in on the west side of us. He has two boys, 7 and 11, a wife, and (the best part of all) a dachshund! Dwayne said the dachshund is a "tweenie" as he is neither a standard nor a miniature. It was fun hearing a masculine-type guy saying "tweenie." I could see that he was a bit uncomfortable with such a silly word!

This morning, I heard what I thought couldn't have been a muffled scream coming from the house on the east side of us. Well, when I heard the Fire Rescue truck, I realized I did hear a muffled scream. We all ran to the window, and Emma Rose was glued to the scene the entire time. One of the construction workers had fallen from a ladder when it bent. The other construction worker told me the ladders sometimes bend when it's cold. The injured guy was carried away on a stretcher, and I think he may have broken his leg. It was sad. The other sad part is as he was being lifted onto the stretcher and carried away, I started thinking about how the red clay mud from the injured man was going to stain the white sheets on the stretcher and how I was glad the sheets could be bleached. I hope he's OK. Emma Rose said she does, too.

Last weekend, Emma Rose let us put her hair in pig tails again! These pictures are of the pig tails and of Emma Rose and Anabelle playing in Emma Rose's room. They had just had a bath, and Anabelle's hair is in mohawk form. It'll be so exciting when we can put her hair in pig tails, too!
Yesterday, I signed up Emma Rose for pre-school. She is excited and can't wait to start. I hope the excitement lasts until August! We arrived at 8:35 am for the 9:30 registration time. When I wrote my name on the sign in list, I was number nine. I was relieved there weren't too many parents ahead of us. The lady who gave us the tour of the school told me that in the past, parents have arrived at 3 am with their heaters to make sure they get a spot for their child. She's in the class, and we only had to wait a little more than an hour! Hooray!
Anabelle, who may not be ready for pre-school, is a little chatter box. She surprises me with how many words she can say. She also embarrasses me a little. She says "fork" when she sees food or wants to eat, but she really can't say the 'r'. It sounds as if she is trying to rhyme fork with duck. She also does the same with frog and work. I'm always a little shocked when she screams out "frog" in reference to the several frog toys we have. I have to remind myself she is frog and not saying that word.

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