Monday, February 23, 2009

Ballerina, Cake-aholic, & Absorbent Moon

Emma Rose received her dance recital costume today. It is orange. I was hoping for pink or purple, maybe red. Her class will be wearing orange. Although I am a teensy bit disappointed in the color, I'm super excited about how much fun she had trying on the costume tonight. Usually, we argue about trying on clothes, and 50% of the time, she very reluctantly does it. The other 50%, she refuses. Not tonight: she took her clothes right off and pulled the costume out of the bag. She giggled the entire time. She also grabbed her black and white pretend dress up shoes, which came off very soon as they impeded the dancing. As soon as she put it on, she started dancing and singing I've Got Peace Like a River. I think that might be a song for the recital. Emma Rose got the lyrics a little confused and started sing "I've got to peace like a river . . . " In the pictures, be sure to notice the band aids on her knees! This is the link to the rest of the pictures:

Last week was my last week with the yucky flu. John's dad and step mom, Pops and Sugar, came to help with the girls. Being able to rest was a blessing and it helped me heal. The girls had a great time, and we were all glad they were here. Emma Rose and Pops played with dominoes, and they made "domino dances," lined up dominoes so that when one is pushed, they fall in succession. Sugar and Pops took Emma Rose to Cracker Barrel for lunch where she had pancakes and got her own bottle of maple syrup. Anabelle got to eat as much cake as she wanted on Tuesday night when she was sitting in Pops' lap. Anabelle is still asking for Sugar and Pops!

Anabelle is getting in at least 3 teeth right now. They are all on the bottom. She's been having a terrible time with her afternoon naps, and I think she may be just about ready to go to one nap a day. We'll start trying that either this week or next week. My sanity may be on the line. I was watching TV one afternoon last week when she was suppose to be napping, but she was with me. A commercial for sanitary napkins was on, and the napkin was delicately curved against a night blue background. Anabelle pointed to the TV and said "Moon!"
Here are a couple of other pictures: 1. John and the girls had a play-doh session this weekend. It looks like John is playing more than the girls. 2. John took a picture of me with the only orchid I have ever managed to keep alive. I've had it for more than a year. One of the stalks (the one with the bloom) has grown new blooms twice since the original ones died. A new stalk has grown and should be blooming in the next few weeks.