Tuesday, February 10, 2009

On the Mend

The sick are still sick, and I'm so excited for John to be home tomorrow. My mom, aka Cricket, has volunteered to stay with the girls Friday night so that John and I can go out to dinner. I so hope I'm feeling better. I really look forward to all of the adult time I can get, especially when it's with John. (I've also had black bean soup three nights in a row because I'm too tired to cook!) This week, it would be really nice because sick babies are some of the least fun babies. They're being pretty good even if they are sick, and I've done my best to keep them comfortable with Motrin and a little Benedryl. This has not been the best week for us, and I told John tonight that he must decontaminate before he's allowed to touch anything. I think he must have transferred airplane germs into the house. He, however, is still not sick. Good for him, but I did feel a little jealous when he told me "I feel GREAT!" on Monday morning.

Emma Rose has been sweet this week. She helps me with Anabelle and calls her Sweet Heart a lot. On Tuesday night at dinner, she spontaneously bowed her head and started praying that we would all feel better. It was so precious. She also has a tremendous list of people she wants to thank Jesus for everynight at prayer time. I'm impressed with her memory and especially her kind heart. I really hope she stays that way. Tonight, she wanted to thank Jesus for her Sunday school teachers as she really likes them. I took the opportunity to tell her that she would have a new teacher at pre-school next year. She immediatly told me she thinks her hair will be long and clean. She also thinks the teacher will be nice. I wonder if long, clean hair and nice personalities go hand in hand for her.

For snack time, I've been giving the girls chocolate bunnies and honey bunnies. They're tastey and free of the evil high fructose corn syrup. One afternoon, I started making them hop from the table into my mouth, and the girls did the same. Anabelle has remembered that, and now she calls the bunny cracker hops. She'll point to the pantry and say "Hops?" in her breathy little girl voice. I melt. She has also learned how to say help very clearly. Again, she uses the breathy little girl voice. It gets her immediate help from either me or Emma Rose. She has also managed to get another half syllable in the word, too. I think we may have a budding Southern Bell among us.

Another one of her little quirky words is "nope." She still loves to say no to almost anything, but it has morphed into nope. I think she must have picked that up from What's Wrong Little Pookie? by Sandra Boyton. That book has become one of her favorites, and she loves Pookie. When we read it, she helps me read by answering the mommy's questions about what could be wrong with Pookie. Are you cold? Did you tear your new shirt? The answers are no and nope. I'm so glad both Anabelle and Emma Rose love books.

In bath time news: we just had another poop free night! We may have a two week record soon!

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