Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here are a couple of pictures of the girls from last week. We were in Emma Rose's room playing a combination of kitchen and tea party. Emma Rose is sporting her best contrived smile. I am still amazed at how long her hair is getting! Anabelle is still teething, and we're anxiously waiting on the seventh tooth.

The weekends are going by entirely too quickly! This weekend was no exception, and we had a great time, especially on Friday night. It was Wii Family Night, but the adults really did not play any Wii. Well, of course, John was the exception. Nicki and her family, Shane (a friend from high school) and his family, and our neighbor, Kelly and her two sons came over Friday night. Her oldest, Matthew, is just 3 weeks older than Anabelle. The adults ended up just hanging out, and the kids played. John played Guitar Hero with Andrew and bowling with Kate. He also hung out with us a little, too. The kids had a great time, and I think Emma Rose has rarely been as tired as she was on Friday night. I think she ran around the house more than 50 times with Lauren and Kate. The mommies got their infant fix by holding little 8 week Andrew, Kelly's youngest son. I did not take as many pictures as I should have, but John did grab the camera and got a rare picture of me! We can't wait to get together with our friends again!

The bad news is that we all woke up feeling bad on Saturday morning. I originally thought it was because we stayed up a little later than normal, but we all got worse throughout the day. We even tried to get out for fresh air to feel better, but it didn't work. We went to Canton's Heritage Park. We were a bit disappointed as there was no playground. There were some small hills where children were sliding on flattened boxes. We did not have a box, so our kids were deprived. We'll know for next time!

Anabelle continues to shout out "frog" and "fork." Each time, it really sounds like she is rhyming those f-words with duck, and I cringe a little. I'm sure she'll get the r sound in time. As of a few weeks ago, she has started calling her little lamb "pie." We have called her lambie pie for quite sometime, so her version is Pie. Pie now needs a second bath as her white fur is turning brown. Once we get past this sickness, she will get a bath to rid her of germs, snot, and drool.

Emma Rose's new passion, besides all things purple, is Power Throw on Wii Bowling. She's getting pretty good, and she's even reported that her arm hurts because of too much playing. She still loves to "play" Guitar Hero with her Daddy, too. She had such a good time on Friday night that she has asked me everyday if her friends will be back soon. I think she's going to love being in pre-school and making new friends.

This morning, Anabelle wanted to sit beside her sister to watch their morning Disney programming. Emma Rose put her arm around her sister! I love when they are sweet and loving!

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