Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun Times

This weekend, the girls had a very eventful Saturday. My mom, aka Cricket, brought over a turtle she found in her back yard. Emma Rose fed him some of my basil from the yard and some lettuce from the refrigerator. Cricket and Emma Rose put him in a box and gave him a bowl of water. She named him Barbie and begged me to keep him, but Cricket took him back to her house. He is safely back in her backyard.
We went over to Chris and Beth's house for a cook-out Saturday night. The girls had a fabulous time! They played in the playhouse, on the slide, in the little car (made for one child), fussed over a chair, and ate a lot of sweets. Anabelle took her Pie. Grayson has a pink bear that is now her Pie. She had it Monday night and was carrying it just like Anabelle carries Pie. How cute! Emma Rose and Anabelle came home tired, dirty, and ready for bed, all of which are evidence of a fun times.

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