Monday, July 6, 2009

Pre-Independence Day Activities

Our holiday weekend started out with a long day at the pool and then grilling out with our friends. It was extra special because my mom, my brother, and his wife were able to be here with us, too. The grand finale was a preview of the next night's fire works show.
(Picture 1) Little Anna wanted to ride Emma Rose's tricycle, so she found a helment in Dewayne's garage. (Picture 2) Emma Rose and Alaura were hanging out watching John get ready to light fire crackers. (Picture 3) Aaron and some of the other kids running through the smoke bombs. (Picture 4) All the kids running toward John after the fire crackers are all done. (Picture 5) Gracie is trying on hearing protection. (Picture 6) Anabelle is trying on hearing protection.

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