Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Four Ear Infections & One Sprained Ankle

Yesterday was a busy day. I took the girls to the doctor's office and learned they both have double ear infections and possibly sinus infections. The nurse said they must have a high tolerance for pain because each of them have a bad infection in one ear each. They haven't acted as if they feel bad and have been playing and running around at the pool for 3 weeks. Yesterday was the first time I could see that Anabelle felt a little bad. Her eyes looked tired. Emma Rose still seems just fine. They are both on antibiotics, and they love the bubble gum flavor. Whoever invented child friendly, flavored medication is a genius!

Yesterday afternoon, John was flying kites with the girls, and some of the other kids in the neighborhood, and he jumped over the landscaping fabric fencing around the empty lots. He was wearing flip-flops. He fell, scraped up his foot, and sprained his ankle. Our neighbor, Dewayne, drove him to the urgent care facility last night. His foot was not broken and the tendons and ligaments were still in tact. Despite the swelling that started last night, his foot is feeling much better and he can put weight on it now.

While John and Dewayne were at the urgent care, Dawn and I were here with the girls, her two boys, and our neighbor's little girl, Grayson. They were so cute! Emma Rose took turns playing with the little girls and then the boys. Anabelle played with Grayson and then Grayson and Anabelle each played by themselves. At one point, I had to change Anabelle's poopy diaper. Grayson, who is 9 months Anabelle's senior, asked Anabelle, "Have poop?" She said yes, and then Grayson held Anabelle's hand while I cleaned and diapered her bottom. It was so cute! A little while later, they didn't want to share a tiny bowl of blueberries.

John bought the girls a couple of new fish floats for the pool. They played with them in the house after we got home from the doctor yesterday. I took a few pictures of them.

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Judy C said...

Those floats are so cute. I had an inner tube from a car tire. I'm jealous.