Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Pink Boat Float

Yesterday at the pool, I was putting sunscreen on Anabelle. I have to slather her up first, so she doesn't run into the pool unprotected. Ever more independent Emma Rose started putting sunscreen on herself. When I told her I would be finished with Anabelle and would put sunscreen on her, she smiled knowingly, turned her hands up to the sky, raised her shoulders, and said, "Mommy, I'm pletely fine all by myself!" This morning, she helped Anabelle into her high chair and tried her best to buckle the seat belt. She said, "Sit in your chair, Sweetie, so you can eat breakfast." She is really in the growing up fast lane these days.
When John went to get Anabelle out of bed this morning, the first words she said were "swimming pool." We all had a great time yesterday, and Anabelle played with Grayson, our neighbor's 2 year-old most of the day. Grayson, who Anabelle calls Gracie, and Anabelle are so cute playing together! All three of girls rode in a huge float that is more like a boat for them. Dawn would take them out and bring them back to the side when they wanted more crackers. They had a great time! They were also worn out last night when it was time for bed. (We did not offer them chocolate last night.)

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