Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Slide

The slide at our pool has been out of commission for a little over week. Today (insert drum roll) the slide was repaired and is working again. Emma Rose fell in love with the slide last year and went down it many a time in her ducky float. She was the first one down the slide this morning in her ducky float. Ducky gives her the independence to go down the slide alone and gives me the freedom to read and keep a close eye on Anabelle. We all love Ducky!

Yesterday, we bought Anabelle a froggy float just like Ducky. She has been pretty interested in Ducky, and several arguments have occurred in the past couple of days between Emma Rose and Anabelle over Ducky. With all the freedom and confidence Emma Rose has in Ducky, I figured Froggy would be a great idea.

Froggy made his debut at the pool, and Anabelle loves it. John had her floating in the pool by herself in water where she could not touch the bottom. This was a major break through because up until today, she would get pretty uncomfortable if we carried her out in deep water. Anabelle also discovered how much fun the slide is today. After about half a dozen times of going down the slide with her daddy and our neighbor, Dewayne, she insisted on going down by herself. It was wonderful! She giggled all the way down each of the multiple times she went down. She started off sliding on her bottom, then she would go on her belly feet first, and now she's sliding on her belly face first. She's even gotten so comfortable that she'll let her head go under the water at the end of the slide. Froggy is a success!

There will be pictures soon!

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Judy C said...

I'm so proud. Hooray for Froggy