Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday Night at the Pool

After John and I loaded the girls full of chocolate last night, we decided it was best to let them work off the sugar. We headed down to the pool. They were so excited about going there after dinner. They had a great time. Anabelle crashed when we put her to bed, but Emma Rose fought sleep until after 10. We need to re-think the chocolate after dinner next time.

Our neighbors' babysitter's mother gave the girls a couple of floats this week: a dolphin and flower. (Our neighbors are extra thoughtful, and they even have extra thoughtful friends! We love them.) They love the dolphin! It's not very steady, but Emma Rose has put a lot of work into balancing on the dolphin. I took some pictures of the girls and the dolphin last night.
Check out the chocolate evidence just to the side of her lips.

Emma Rose on the dolphin float.

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Judy C said...

I love the pics. That float is super and so are your neighbors.