Friday, July 10, 2009

Independence Day Activities

On the July 4th, we had a great day! We barbecued with our neighbors, and John and Dewayne put on a fire works show for the neighborhood. John choose an empty lot across the street from our house. He mowed it and watered it, so it would be unlikely to catch fire. Our neighbors brought chairs for our front yard! John and Dewayne started out with some "distraction" fire crackers in the street. Then, they moved to the empty lot.

It started out great. Then, one of the canisters tipped over and shot the fire cracker to the right of the crowd. All the kids shouted in awe and the parents moved over to the left. John and Dewayne continued to light them, and it was more fun watching them run from possible explosions than seeing the fireworks in the sky.

John also bought sparklers for the kids, and Emma Rose enjoyed her first Fourth of July sparkler. My pictures of that momentous event would have been great, but they were all out of focus! It was a great night!

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