Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anabelle's Second Birthday

Saturday was Anabelle's second birthday. I still can't believe we've had her for two whole years. She is a blessing to us and to her sister. We had a small celebration for her Saturday evening, and all of us had a great time. Her three favorite little girls were here: Emma Rose, Grayson, and Anna.

I made everyone guinea pigs by testing out a new recipe for slow cooked Boston butt. It turned out very well, but the cake didn't do so well. It was a pretty chocolate cake with caramel icing. Then the middle started to sink a bit. I was grateful I took a picture early in the evening! Anabelle blew out the candle on the first try, and then she sucked all the icing off the candle!

Anabelle received very nice gifts, and most of them were baby dolls, her new passion. She has had to sleep with them and her old baby dolls lined up in her crib every night since Saturday. Anna and her parents gave Anabelle play-doh, and it has been well played with, too. Some of it is in dried up little balls under the coffee table, but the vacuum will take care of that!

Left picture: Anna, Anabelle, and Grayson; Right picture: Anabelle blowing kisses to say thank you for a gift

Left picture: Anabelle opening a gift; Right picture: Dewayne and John showing Anabelle how to wear her new baby in the carrier

We all went out in the back yard to play after cake and gifts. The girls were able to swing on the new-to-us swing set and ride the power wheels. We had a great time!

Left picture: John, Keith, and Liz on the swing set with Emma Rose and Anna; Right picture: Anabelle in the power wheels Jeep and Grayson on the 4-wheeler (Hobie is staying out of the way!)

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