Sunday, September 20, 2009

Our Sweet Hobie

Our little Hobie had surgery Wednesday. About two weeks ago, John found a lump under his left armpit. It was pretty solid and didn't seem connected to anything. Then a few days later, we discovered another smaller lump right next to the first one. We got him to the vet last Friday, and he said the lumps needed to come out. Surgery was scheduled for the following Wednesday.

The vet tech called right after the surgery and reported that Hobie did just fine. The lumps were now called tumors, and she let me know they "looked funny" according to the vet. They did blood work on him, which was all good. The vet also felt sure he had removed all parts of the tumors and had good margins. The tumors were sent for a biopsy, and we should know the results and the end of next week or the beginning of the next. I also found out that he'll be considered a senior citizen next year when he turns eight!

Hobie was pretty slow when he got home Wednesday night. He didn't eat until Thursday morning. I had to mix warm rice and broth into his kibble to get him interested. He had a little chicken and more rice with kibble later that night. He started wagging his tail a little on Friday, and Saturday he seemed to perking up a little more. He barked at the doorbell, too! This morning was the first morning he was asking for food and ate it without any broth. He's still tired, but he's beginning to act like himself more and more.

The girls are being very gentle with him, and Anabelle keeps asking about Hobie's surgery. She can't quite say that big word yet, but she knows Hobie feels bad. Emma Rose hugs Hobie and says, "You OK, buddy?" Then she loves on him. Anabelle will go with me when Hobie's stitches are removed on the morning of the 28th.
The dark spot above the stitches is where the larger of the tumors was removed. This picture was taken Thursday morning about 18 hours after the surgery. The vet shaved a good bit of hair off our little buddy, too. Poor Hobie.

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praying for a good outcome