Monday, September 7, 2009

The Swing Set

The weekend before Anabelle's birthday, our new neighbors down the hill gave us the swing set in their back yard. John and Dewayne took it apart, dragged it up the hill, and John put it back together. The girls love it. They've asked to swing (or "fwing" according to Anabelle) almost everyday since it's been here. Their giggles are priceless when they are swinging, and we are so grateful the neighbors didn't want it and gave it to us.

Beth, Chris, and Grayson came over to swing one night soon after the swing set was operational. (John worked in record time and had the swing put together the day after it was dragged to the back yard!! He was awesome!) Aaron and Austin also came over and helped push the girls on the swing. The girls had a good time until Gracie and Anabelle started to have a fight over baby dolls. There was a lot of screaming (MINE!) and scratching going on. They are so funny!

I was also inspired to clean out a room in our basement and make it a playroom. It's definately not fancy, but it's being well used! The girls think it's awesome and have enjoyed being down there. Our plan is to get the HVAC installed sometime in the coming year. Since the weather is getting cooler, we won't have much of a need for the air conditioning down there. It'll stay pretty cool, and we can enjoy having easy access to the back yard all fall. We are using the backyard more than we ever have, and we are totally inspired to get the space finished sooner rather than later! John has also been able to enjoy a "basement nap" once last month.

I've also asked John to move a TV down there and to build the girls a craft table for the basement. I think they would have such a good time being able to watch movies and doing projects down there. I think glitter and glue is in their future, and I don't want it to be on my furniture and floors upstairs!

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