Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Rainy Days

The weather was rainy for 7 days in a row. We were stir crazy and so excited to see the sun yesterday! As she peered out the window, Emma Rose asked me on Monday, "Mommy, will it ever stop raining?" Then she said, "It breaks my heart not to go outside."

We were very fortunate not to be near the flooding. There were so many people in the metro area who had massive flooding. People lost their homes, lost possessions, and some lost their lives. It's still amazing that water can cause so much damage. The flood waters are receding, and damage is still being discovered. Some schools are still closed! We are so grateful to have come through this with only feeling couped up.

During our confinement, Emma Rose started playing the Wii a lot more than usual. She is having a lot of fun with the Carnival Games. Anabelle hangs out with her and gets between Emma Rose and the television. They both have been coloring and helping me bake. (I really needed extra calories when I couldn't walk.) I tried my best to come up with new things to do! Daddy let them go out and play on our front porch, and it was a treat for them to get some fresh air. We also took them to Chick-fil-a so that they could play in the play area.

Right: Emma Rose playing the Wii; Left: Anabelle on the porch in front of the umbrella

Below is Anabelle with Pie in her shirt. She could not hold her juice and her granola bar (aka gorilla bar) and Pie at the same time. She asked me, "Put Pie in shirt." Pie stayed there until snack was all done.

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