Saturday, November 22, 2008

Anabelle has started to perfect going down the stairs. She straightens out her body and bends at the waist just exactly right so that she can slide backwards down stairs. She's gotten really fast. She giggles as she's sliding! She has also started calling the pets by name occassionally. She calls Hobie "Bobie" and Jasper "Japper." While smiling a big cheesy grin, she also pats her belly with both hands and tries her best to say belly. As a total Star Trek nerd, I have been telling her "Hoot-a boot-a Solo" because I thought some of her babbling sounded a little Star Trek-ish. She is repeating me! She has also started to prefer walking to crawling. What a big girl!

Emma Rose saying "She was like . . . " When she starts sentences this way, she's usually referring to what she thinks Anabelle is thinking about a particular event. For example, "Anabelle was like why are you jumping around Daddy?" Emma Rose has also recently started brushing my hair. I'm not sure what spurred on this recent interest, but it's really cute that she's really getting to be a little girl.

Emma Rose has started quoting movies just like her daddy. She quotes them at oddly appropriate times.
1. "Don't just hork it down." (Ratatouille)
2. "Stand back. I can smell your breath." (Kung Fu Panda)

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