Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween was so much fun! The Carpenter girls were the cutest Sunflower Princess and Butterfly ever. After having the sunflower headband for Emma Rose's costume for a month, we lost it right before Halloween. It was a cute part of the outfit, but I don't think she would have kept it on her head any way. Anabelle kept her butterfly hat on all night, and if I had bet on it, I would have bet she would have cried as soon as we put it on her. It all worked out, and they were really adorable.

Emma Rose has decided she will not pose for pictures anymore and hides when I try to take pictures of her. Sadly, I was only able to get two pictures of my little Sunflower Princess. Maybe she knows that I have plans to embarrass her with silly pictures when she is older.

I dressed the girls in their outfits right before snack time, and Butterfly Anabelle decided it would be a fun game to see how many graham cracker could fit into her mouth. I think she almost made it to 4.

The neighborhood Halloween party was also very fun, and the turn out was pretty good. All the kids dressed up and we had 6 pots of chili for the chili cook off. The one John liked the best won second place! The prize for first place was a free house cleaning.

This is the Shutterfly Site for Halloween Pictures:

Last week, we also saw the start of three new houses being built. Unfortunately and fortunately for us, all three are right by our house. The two lots beside us as you get to our house and the lot on the other side of us were dug out for basements last week. Only one of them are under contract. It'll be great to have new neighbors (we really hope they're nice), but it'll be sad to loose the empty lots next door. Where will we put our yard debris? Thank goodness there are empty lots across the street! We'll get some of the "left-overs" as the houses are built, so it's a fair trade!

Looking at our House from closest to the Entrance

Deck Extension Project: Day 1

Today, John all of the sudden decided to build an extension for our deck. I've been asking him to build onto the postage size deck we have since we moved in 16 months ago, so I am delighted! It is a bit ironic as he makes a living in planning. As of this minute, he really doesn't have a plan more than digging holes and where the new corners of the deck will be. I have requested a second tier, and John has agreed to keep an open mind. Cross your fingers!! It would be so pretty and fun for parties!

I'm not sure how long the project will take, and I'm hopeful he'll have a plan in the next few hours and will finish the project by the end of the year. Maybe I'm asking too much. We'll see. To his credit, John is very smart and meticulous, and I'm sure the finished project will be great. We'll have a little "Deck Party" to celebrate the new addition and John's hard work when it's all done! I'm so glad one of John's hobbies is home improvement.

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