Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Anabelle's fifth tooth finally fought its way through the gum! The fifth tooth is the one on her right next to her two front teeth. The sixth one is working its way out, but I'm sure it'll be January before we see it. She is drooling all over herself and is chewing on her fingers. She must be the slowest teether in the world!

Wednesday morning at breaksfast, Emma Rose and Anabelle were so funny and very entertaining. Emma Rose looked at Anabelle and threw her head back and then into her chest. Anabelle giggled and did the same. Repeat. For about 5 minutes, they did this back and forth to one another and giggled. It was so funny. Emma Rose told me the other day she is glad we have Anabelle. This must be one of the reasons she is glad.

The girls are having really fun times in Emma Rose's room. Today, the closet exploded. I also managed to get a couple of pictures of Anabelle walking. She's doing much better: the drunken sailor walk seems to have turned into a sobering up drunken sailor walk. She still thinks it's funny when she falls!

Tuesday night, Joe Griffith (Nicki's hubby) came over to paint the mural on the garage wall. John still can't stop smiling. He keeps looking out in the garage and telling me (and himself, too) how cool the mural is. Joe is a really good artist, and his favorite medium is spray paint. We can still smell the aroma in the garage! He painted the mustang racing pony on top of the Ford blue garage wall. John's cobra, Ramona, parks right next to it. It really is very cool. Joe is awesome! I made dinner for all of us last night after the mural was completed. (I couldn't risk poisoning him prior to that.) My first attempt at the Uncle Eric's fish recipe was successful! I made fried rice to go with it! Yum!

Construction is in full swing right next to our house. The builder finally started on the lot immediately next to us, and it continues on the lot next to that. Forms are being poured today. That particular lot is under contract, so if all goes smoothly for the buyers, we should have more neighbors soon. In the mean time, we're going to see lots of construction vehicles and hear lots of construction noise. And today, the lot on the east side of the house will be getting forms poured very soon. We saw the newest set of construction workers there this afternoon. Our house is shaking - literally - from all the work that's being done. It really is pretty neat to see the neighborhood grow and change. Soon, our street will be filled with houses!

Left Pic: Lot on east of our house / Right Pic: Two lots on west side of our house

It seems the construction noise has not scared off any of the house finches. They are devouring the seed in the feeders! It's rare that I look out the window and don't see any birds. I keep looking for more pine siskins, but I haven't seen any more of them. We can't wait to put out the blue bird house my dear friend Nicki gave to me for birthday! It'll be really fun to see the little baby blue birds in the yard and show them to Emma Rose and Anabelle!

From the Kitchen Window: House Finches

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