Monday, November 3, 2008

John and Emma Rose had a bonding moment yesterday before his sudden urge to start adding the extension to the deck. The baked banana bread while Mommy provided supervision and directions. Daddy even learned about our secret ingredient: two Emma Rose handfuls of mini chocolate chips!

Anabelle also made us very proud. She can now on command stick her finger in her nose. In fact, she can shove her finger up her nose so far that her nose wrinkles. Yes, so very proud.

Anabelle continues to go up and down and up and down the stairs.
Emma Rose helped me in the kitchen last night, and she dipped her face in the bowl of water in the sink. She thought she was hilarious.

Sister Hug Fest!!
Deck Extension: Day 2
John does have a plan. I think this will slow him down but I remain hopeful. He has agreed to the second tier (HOORAY!), and he is working on an electronic design using freebie online deck planning software. From what he says, it's going to be complicated. Translated: the deck may not be finished until spring or later.

This is the picture from day one. The view is from looking down at the back yard from the current postage stamp size deck. (After John dug up one of the tomato plants, Emma Rose told him, "I'm very angry with you, Daddy.")

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Jessica said...

May a share a poem with you-

Inside every one's nose lives a sharp toothed snail And if you stick your finger in, he may bite off your nail. Stick it further up inside, he might bite your ring off- stick it all the way in, he might bite the whole darn thing off! :) Good thing Annabelle does not wear a ring- I fear it would be gone!