Thursday, November 13, 2008

Emma Rose is now becoming an expert at Wii bowling! She loves to pretend play with Daddy, and Wednesday, she bowled with me - for real! In two games, she was able to get several spares and two strikes. She still has a bit of trouble figuring out when to press the "B" button and then when to release it. Most often the bowlig ball just crawls down the lane, but she can sometimes get a little bit of speed worked up. She also gets a little frustrated and says she's "not very good at this." But when she knocks down the pins, she smiles a big smile and is very proud of herself. It is very exciting, and I think we'll have something new to do. We have a little bit of work to do to so that she won't get frustrated, and I think we may have a new Wii Champion Bowler in our family. (Watch out, Uncle Eric!!) It'll be especially nice since it's so cold outside now, and we won't be able to get out as much anymore.

The construction has really started in earnest on the house two lots over. Walls for the basement are going up, and this morning, it sounded as if they were working in our front yard. They were banging on cement and metal, so hopefully the noise won't be so bad when they start banging on wood. This will really test how well the girls can nap through noise. I may have to start playing relaxing music really loud downstairs to disguise the construction work. That begs the question: is relaxing music really relzxing if it's played loudly?

I have discovered in recent weeks just how much Anabelle seems to love music. When she hears music she likes, she bobs her head from side to side or if she's standing, she bounces up and down. She also seems to have a special affection for the musich on Disney's Imagination Movers and the Can you Teach my Alligator Manners short cartoon. We get to hear actual giggling when they come on. Anabelle is also still working on her fifth tooth. She must be the world's slowest teether. She is using the four teeth she has very well. It's so cute to see her bite something using those teeth very precisely. She even purses her lips slightly when she does it.

Emma Rose Funnies
  • This morning, Emma Rose told me she had to go to the potty - number 2. She started walking away, looked back at me over her shoulder, pointed to her bottom, and said, "See Mommy. The poopy is in there."
  • This afternoon, Emma Rose, Anabelle, and I were playing kitchen. Emma Rose made a delightful snack for me: wooden cucumbers, bread, and carrots. She gave me each in a separate bowl and then told me, "Snack it up, Girl!"

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