Sunday, March 8, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

What pretty weather we had this weekend! John and I were so grateful for the weather and for a fun filled Saturday. We joined Nicki and Laurin at Ston Mountain Park. I think it may have been too many years to say since I've been there last. I did have a flash back when we went by the spot on the lawn where I have watched the laser light show. The last time I saw that show, I had just had my wisdome teeth out and was still a little swollen. Fun times.

The weather was perfect for our adventure, and the girls had a great time. Emma Rose and Laurin are developing a close friendship - for a 3 year old and 2 year old. They don't want each other to go home at the end of the play date. That says it all! Anabelle is getting to be one of the big girls, too. She wants to walk and run and play just like Emma Rose and Anabelle. She's not quite ready to do all that fun stuff, but she tries!

Our visit to the park started with standing in line in front of a lady and her child. I was tankfully unaware of her complaining about said line until she busted her way up to the ticket counter. It seemed as if she had purchased her tickets on line and did not want to be inconvenienced with waiting like the rest of us. In the meantime, Laurin and Emma Rose were entertaining Anabelle by playing on and around the stroller.

We had a ride on the Duck, a large people carrier that could ride on land and the water. We also were given "quackers" and they are still loud at home! Just like the rest of the kids, Laurin and Emma Rose got to drive the Duck, but they drove together! Nicki has the picture! Then we rode the sky ride to the top of the mountain. We could see the Atlanta skyline! Laurin and Emma Rose threw tiny rocks into the tiny puddles. It was the highlight of their visit. Anabelle walked around with Daddy and then she threw rocks, too. She was also very grumpy and cried all the way up the mountain and a bit of the way down. She missed her afternoon nap, and everyone at Stone Mountain knew it! (This is the link to the rest of the pictures:

John and I also had a great date night at Buffalo's in Canton thanks to Cricket. The Buffalo's parking lot is always full, and we finally tried it. We were pleasantly surprised! The food was awesome, and the service was good. The girls played with Cricket and had a great time watching Chicken Run. I thought they would be too tired to exhaust Cricket, but I was wrong. They played the entire time we were gone. It might have had something to do with the ice cream cones, but I'm not sure!

The weather was still beautiful tonight, so we took a walk after dinner. We saw a few neighbors and enjoyed the sunset and the breeze. I'm don't think we could have had a nicer walk!

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Judy C said...

ERC's hair seems to be getting darker. She looks so grown up now.