Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Emma Rose and Anabelle have been having some Sister Quality Time.

Sisters: Post-nap snack and a movie.

Sisters: Sunday afternoon milkshake and a Disney movie.

Anabelle had her 18 month check up at the beginning of the month. She was 33.25 inches (89th percentile) and 24 pounds, 9 ounces (54th percentile). It was the first time since her 2 month check up that she was out of the 90+ percentile for her height. She's still fitting in some of her 18 month clothes, but mostly we are moving her into the 24 month clothes. I can't believe she is already more than a year and half.

Anabelle: Being Cool.
This is Anabelle after Daddy left her alone with the yogurt.

This is Anabelle wearing (or maybe hiding in) Daddy's jacket.

Emma Rose Funnies:

Last week when Emma Rose was getting out of her day time clothes and into her beautiful gown, she stuck her chest out and said, "See, Mommy. My boobies are getting bigger. I'm growing up!"

Emma Rose helped me vacuum the furniture. She took the little nozzle and went over all of the cushions, not once but twice! She kept saying things like, "Daddy will like this when he gets home" and "Maybe Jessica and Bill can come to our house when it's clean." She also insisted on using the vacuum upstairs today after I finished. She pushed it into each room, vacuumed a few times, and went on to the next room. The vacuum is still taller than she is. She is so precious to want to help me so much. I'm also very proud that she is seeing some value in cleanliness!

When it was warm a few weeks ago, Emma Rose, Anabelle and I were starting to walk again. Emma Rose insisted that we stop by Jessica's house to ask if she wanted to walk with us. When Bill is home, he goes with us, too. Emma Rose had a special treat when Bill let her walk Jake, their large lab. Really, Jake was walking Emma Rose. When Jake would stop to taste the grass, Emma Rose had to stop, too.

Emma Rose enjoyed jumping in the puddles in her new rain boots.

Emma Rose has also been drawing things rather than just scribbling on her Doodle Pro. The bonus is that the things are becoming recognizable. Drawing faces seems to be her favorite for the moment. The picture on the right is an alien with a beard, antennae, and three legs.

Hobie and Jasper enjoyed some of the Spring sunshine one afternoon last week. We are all so ready for warm, dry weather!

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Judy C said...

Thanks for the post. It is so wonderful to see the lives of these terrific children. I love them so much. And of course you too.