Saturday, March 14, 2009

Chairs and Beautiful Gowns

Last weekend, John bought Emma Rose and Anabelle little chairs for outside. So far, they've only been outside once. They sat in them for about 5 minutes each! When they are inside, they are used a lot. Anabelle's chair is pink, and Emma Rose's chair is purple. Anabelle likes to tell us, "Sister chair." Then she sits in her chair. Mostly, she has to have her sister's chair right beside her. The first morning we had them at home, Emma Rose and Anabelle put them in our bathroom and sat them up right in front of my sink. It was as if they were at the movies, and I was the main feature. They each sat there and watched me dry my hair and put on my make-up. When I was all done, so were they.

The chairs are now downstairs. They like to drag them about the house so that they can just sit and watch. Anabelle likes to sit in hers and drink from her sippy cup. They were watching a movie in the picture below. The picture is blurry because Emma Rose likes to run away from the camera lately.

This week, the girls got matching beautiful gowns. (Emma Rose use to call all of her night gowns "beautiful gowns, " and now I can't call them anything else.) Emma Rose loves beautiful gowns, and I think Anabelle will love them, too. This is Anabelle's first beautiful gown, and when Daddy put it on her, she watched her feet when she walked. She also noticed that her beautiful gown was the same as her sister's. I couldn't get a picture of the two of them together because they were moving too fast. Emma Rose would only let me take a picture of her when she was jumping on the bed. I love the way her hair looks like it's floating around her head. It may be because I'm so glad she now has hair!

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Judy C said...

Great kids, huh?