Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Black Bean Soup & Mini Ice Cream Cones

One of Emma Rose's and Anabelle's favorite meals is Black Bean Soup. We usually eat it over rice. Anabelle is now insisting that she feed herself, which makes for some very messy meals. (The blue stickers are compliments of Emma Rose.)

Below is the mini-ice cones the girls love. Well, Emma Rose loved them until she saw the adult size ice cream cones! Anabelle still hasn't figured out that she can eat the cone. She just dips her fingers and thumb into the cone and licks off the ice cream.
For breakfast, Emma Rose's favorite meal is oatmeal with gold fish crackers. Yuck - but if she likes it, she eats it! I am not complaining.

Emma Rose and Anabelle are hugging!

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Judy C said...

I am glad ERC eats the oatmeal but it even looks awful. Makes my lower lip curl.