Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Play Date

Last Wednesday, we had a play date with Nicki & Laurin and two of our neighbors, Kelly and Lynn, and their children, Matthew, Andrew, and Paisley. We had a great time. It was so much fun to see the 5 kids running around. Andrew, an infant, spent most of his time in Nicki's arms. She's getting her baby fix before her baby gets here. :) I've also realized that play dates are more for the mommies than the kids. The kids have a great time, but the mommies get the bonus of adult time.

Anabelle loved playing with Matthew, who is just 3 weeks older than her. She tried to give Matthew a hug, and when she leaned in, he kissed her! It was pretty cute. She was a little surprised, but it looked like she enjoyed it. This is the post-kiss picture. Yesterday, Emma Rose and I were looking at pictures from the play date. I was naming everyone for Emma Rose. Anabelle heard me say Matthew's name, and she started screaming "Maaatheeeew!" She likes him!

Anabelle has also started to insist that she feed herself. I think it's great until I have to clean up the mess! She is allowing me to put a bib on her occasionally, so I get a little break sometimes. She gets so excited when it gets close to meal time or snack time. She starts saying, "Fork. Fork. Fork." She walks over to the drawer and fishes out a pink fork. When we're at dinner, I've caught her hanging her spoon or fork down toward the floor. I didn't understand why she was doing that until I saw Hobie on the other end of that spoon. She's eating potato soup in the pictures below.

Here is a picture of Emma Rose from the same dinner:
This past weekend, there was a prediction of lots of snow. Most of Atlanta and its suburbs got enough snow so that it stuck to the ground and there was ice on Monday morning. We had heavy snow for about an hour. It was that pretty fluffy snow that makes you want to go skiing. None of it stuck to the ground! I was disappointed. I was able to live vicariously through some of my Facebook friends who posted great snow pictures. As a consolation prize, the sky on Sunday night was really beautiful. There was lots of pink, orange, and purple. The picture below is of the eastern sky in the evening.