Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This morning, Emma Rose, Anabelle, Hobie, and I went on a walk with Kelly and her two boys. Emma Rose would jog quickly ahead of us and then jog back toward us. When she would get pretty close, she would turn around and jog ahead of us again. At about the half way mark, she started slowing down. She would look at every rock and every flower (weed) she passed. It was so wonderful to be outside and to have the girls get some fresh air! I'm so glad we had sunshine and warm weather today!

When we got back home, Emma Rose found the remains of a puddle in front of our driveway. She had to stomp and splash in it. Anabelle had to follow in her sister's footsteps. She went over and carefully walked in it. Then they started running from the puddle to the garage door and back again. They both stomped and splashed. Both of their pants were wet half way to the knees from the puddle that couldn't have been more than an inch deep. Anabelle seemed to want to explore further, so she decided to sit in the puddle. She also somehow got the slightly muddy water in her hair and on her face. When we came inside, I had to strip Anabelle down to the diaper, and Emma Rose had to take off her socks, shoes, and pants. They had a semi-naked lunch.

During lunch, Anabelle kept putting peanut butter on her belly with her finger and try to remove the peanut butter with her fork. She was not successful. Emma Rose kept asking, "Mommy, what's wrong with her little boobies?" After lunch, we went upstairs to for a bath. They have ducks and frogs for bath time, so Anabelle spent the bath naming each over and over again. Frog still rhymes with duck. They smelled so good after a bath and baby lotion!

Tonight at dinner, they each ate from their new melamine plates. There is a large frog and several flowers on them. Anabelle was very concerned that none of the food get on the frog, which still rhymes with duck, so she kept saying, "No Frog! No Frog!" when her food would touch the frog. She did, however, like it when the food was on the flowers. She covered each one with a little pieces of her food. Emma Rose thought it was cute and started to do the same.

We had another walk tonight without the stroller. About half way, we ran into Lynn, Kelly, and their babies. When Anabelle saw Matthew, she got really excited! I think she loves him. The air is still pretty cool at night. It was great! The girls were able to walk off some energy, and I think they'll sleep great tonight! I'm sure I will. :)

When Anabelle takes a nap or goes to sleep for the night, she has been asking me to kiss and hug Pie and Baby before I leave. It's been getting to the point that I have to hug and kiss them several times before I can leave the room. She's really getting attached to her animals and baby dolls!

When Emma Rose has to go to time out, Anabelle has been looking at either me or John and saying "See-ter ug-ee" (Translation: Sister is acting ugly.) or "See-ter tub-ul" (Translation: Sister is in trouble). It's amazing that she is starting to recognize actions and label them. It's getting to be about time that I start using time out with Anabelle. It was so easy with Emma Rose because I could just carry her to her room and plop her in her crib for 60 seconds. With Anabelle, the crib is more difficult to get to, so I think I may have to bring down the pack-n-play for her time out. When I put her in time out now, she just gets up and walks to me saying, "Mommy. Hug. Mommy. Hug." She already knows how to manipulate me.

Next week, Emma Rose's dance class will wear their costumes for pictures. They also have to have their hair in a bun. I'm not sure how I'm going to manage to do that with Emma Rose's hair, and if I actually can get it into a bun, the bun will be the size of a dime. There is also a clip with a flower that is suppose to go in her hair. I don't think all the bobby pins in the world will hold that flower in place. Whatever her hair looks like and whether or not we get the flower in her hair, I'm sure she'll look beautiful - even if the costume is day-glow orange!!

The recital is coming up quickly, and I'm still not sure that Emma Rose fully understands the concept of following along with what the teacher does. When I watch her during the lessons, she follows along occasionally, and other times, she is doing her own dance. She uses the moves she's learned in the class, but she doesn't move in unison with the rest of the girls. All the mommies have been talking about how funny and cute they will be! My plan is to get a seat close to the front so that I can take lots of pictures!

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