Thursday, May 28, 2009

Anabelle Wearing Mommy's Shoes

Like Emma Rose, Anabelle loves to wear my shoes. I have to hide all of my shoes because I get a little nervous she'll slip while wearing them and twist her ankle if I'm not close by. And yes, she is also wearing a hair-bow in the picture below. After I put a hair-bow in Emma Rose's hair, Anabelle patted her own head and said, "Mommy. Hair-bow." It stayed in for a full 5 minutes before she ripped it out and lost it.

I found a back-up Pie (her little lovey in her right hand in this picture) on eBay. I'm expecting it in the mail tomorrow. I heard angels sing as I purchased it. I'm sure they will sing again when I open the package. And then again when Original Pie bites the dust. Thank the Lord for eBay.

In Emma Rose news, she has now been around the neighborhood three whole times on her new trike. Tonight, after her second trip around the circle as she peddled slower and slower, she told me, "Mommy, I'm tired." (Insert evil laugh.) She'll be sleeping good tonight! I think it's wonderful and love to see her having so much fun! How did she get so big so fast?!

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Judy C said...

Aren't they fun. Just wait till she discovers daddy's shoes.