Thursday, May 21, 2009

Emma Rose's Dance Recital

Saturday, May 9th was Emma Rose's big dance recital. And by big, I mean a two hour event during which Emma Rose danced two times for a total of less than 5 minutes. I also mean that it was a very big deal because this was her first time on stage in front of lots of people where she had to perform. She was fabulous! John and I couldn't believe how cute and pretty she was on the stage in her bright orange costume!

She danced, and it was even to the routine! Her first number was tapping, and then after the intermission, she was a ballerina. It was wonderful! We weren't able to get pictures because it was so dark, and we weren't that close to the stage. (In the picture below, she is in the middle.) We have ordered the DVD, and if anyone wants to watch, we'll be happy to watch it again and again. Our little girl is really a little girl! We are so, so proud.

Many of the family was there to celebrate with us. Sugar and Pops drove down from Maryville, and Auntie Cathy, Uncle Eric, Marlee, and Auntie Christy drove up from Jacksonville. Cricket, Uncle Berlon, and Aunt Shirley were there. Terri and Rachael were there. It was so wonderful to have them with us to celebrate Emma Rose's very special day.

We had a great time, and there are many, many pictures. On Saturday afternoon, Marlee and Emma Rose drove around and around and around the yard in Emma Rose's power wheels jeep. They were so cute. Anabelle watched from afar mostly because Emma Rose didn't want to drive with her. Marlee was new and exciting, and Anabelle has been around for a while now. She didn't seem to mind! I love seeing all the cousins together! They are so cute!

More pictures of the weekend visit:

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