Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sleep Talking

John is notorious for talking in his sleep. When he and his family were on a trip in Europe, they rode a sleeper train. He was in the top bed during the night. In his sleep, he poked his head from the curtain and said in an English accent, "I say, ol' chap, why's the train stoppin'?" I'm sure John's dad could recount the story much better, but it's still pretty funny.

When John and I were first married, I woke up one morning and John was still asleep. As I was laying there, he stirred a little and seemed to say something. After I asked what he said, he yelled, "DO YOU WANT SMOOTH ABS?" (The ab roller was popular then.) I started to giggle, and he again yells, "BUY AN AB ROLLER!" It sounded exactly like the commercial! He woke up because I was doubled over laughing.

Anabelle has inherited John's sleep talking. Every time we ask her where something is, she says "table." She still loves her little lamb, Pie. I went into her room one night at about 10 to check on her before I went to bed. I rubbed her back, and she rolled over. She said, "Pie . . . . Table."

Anabelle has also acquired her sister's and her daddy's taste for all things chocolate. I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing a few weekends ago. Each of the girls licked one of the beaters from the hand mixer. Anabelle really enjoyed hers!


Jessica said...

When my sister was younger- we caught he sitting up in bed ringing up customers like she was at work- pure entertainment. The downside was that my mom and I didn't get any sleep for a week or so b/c we were on 'register watch'!

P said...

Someone would have paid big money for a video of that!!