Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Birds

The birds have been very active in our yard during the past few weeks. I've also been able to get some pictures of them! Emma Rose is still interested in the birds and can name quite a few of them. Anabelle is learning, too! She knows dove and finch. Our blue bird house has been up for about 2 months, and we've had some lookers but none have moved in. We keep watching and hoping. The pictures below are of two Goldfinches, an Eastern Bluebird, a Northern Cardinal, a Mockingbird, and a Tufted Titmouse.

Unfortunately, we've only seen one hummingbird so far, and he only did a drive by. The nectar is up, and a red ribbon is welcoming the hummingbirds to take a drink. We loved eating dinner and having those little creatures entertain us! They are beautiful and fun to watch.

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