Friday, May 22, 2009

Playing Outside

Now that the weather is getting warmer, we're able to be outside more and more. One of the first things Anabelle says after breakfast is "Pay ou-side." It's not a question; it is an order!
Our wonderful neighbors gave Emma Rose a really cool tricycle their youngest son used. Anabelle likes to ride in the wagon that attaches to back. Their in-laws also gave her a power wheels 4-wheeler that their youngest son used. She is having so much fun!

Emma Rose has also dressed herself for the last three mornings. She refuses to let me help her. Today at lunch, she was telling us a story - it was one that she made up about when she was little and was a bird. Right after she told us the most exciting part of the story, she finished it with " . . . and I gasped!" She is growing up!

Our strawberries have also started to produce fruit. The girls love picking and eating the berries right off the plant. I need to make strawberry bread this afternoon with the berries we picked yesterday. Below is a picture of the first berries that we picked early this week.

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Judy C said...

I love these pics. So great to see the grandkids having fun.