Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Anabelle's first time helping me in the kitchen was late in April. It's less help and more entertainment for her, but it was fun having her enjoy herself. I couldn't help but think about the first few times Emma Rose started to "help" me in the kitchen. She still loves to help! My girls are growing up faster than I can even believe.

A few days later, Anabelle tried her hand at painting but decided it might help if she tasted a little bit of the paint. Daddy wandered off for a bit while Emma Rose was painting, Emma Rose followed Daddy, and Anabelle took advantage of it. She's cute even when she's making a mess . . . most of the time.

Emma Rose has a love/hate relationship with the camera lately. She either runs from it or poses for it. When these pictures were taken, she was modeling for us with chocolate in her mouth. Daddy gave her a piece of banana bread smothered in Nutella. (There is a definite chocolate trend here.) Sometimes, I still can't believe how blue her eyes are.

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