Wednesday, October 8, 2008

This past weekend was a busy weekend for the Carpenters. It started Friday night with the rehearsal dinner for my brother's wedding. Saturday was the wedding, which was one and a half hours away in Lula, Georgia. On the ride home, I noticed that I was losing my voice. I think John was secretly happy about his stroke of luck. When I woke up Sunday morning, I didn't even try to get out of bed. My lost voice was a prelude to more yuckiness. Sunday was a busy day for Daddy as the children needed tending to. It was also a day that Daddy gained a new appreciation for what Mommy does on a daily basis.

Monday, Anabelle finally did it!! She took two independent steps . . . and has not done it since. I've been getting her to walk while only holding the tip of my index finger, so we think she may be walking on her own before Halloween. It's very exciting! Emma Rose is going to have so much fun with a little sister who can walk! Anabelle is going to love being able to do more of what her sister can do.

Emma Rose now has a digital camera. It's a cute Fisher-Price kid tough camera with a viewing screen, so she can see what she's aiming at and the actual picture she's taken. It's been in her little hands ever since she got it. I have had to explain to her that it's not nice to take pictures of people when they are in the shower, unclothed, or on the potty. I also had to delete quite a few prior to this little talk we had. We can't wait to see everything from her perspective!

Here are a few of the pictures she's taken so far.

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