Thursday, October 2, 2008

We've really been making an effort to stop Emma Rose from sucking her thumb. We even have some cayenne pepper nail polish to help her remember to keep her thumb out of her mouth. It works pretty well until she washes her hands. We've noticed lately how well it works - especially in the car. When her thumb is painted, she's really chatty in the car. Thursday, we were in the car for about 30 minutes, and I think she must have said "Mommy" a ka-zillion times. John and I started to question our sanity and if we should accidentally forget to paint her thumb before car trips.

Speaking of washing hands, there are really two parts to potty training. The first part is actually getting the child to go in the potty. The next part is teaching her what to do after using the potty. At first Emma Rose did not like to wash her hands, and it was a battle to get her to do it. Now, she really likes to wash her hands, and sometimes (if I'm not paying too much attention) it can take 10 minutes for her to wash her hands. I've been wondering for quite some time why we were going through so much soap in the bathroom. Emma Rose likes to pump the soap out of the bottle and spread it all over the sink. Apparently, it takes about a quater of the bottle to do this. She's also been sipping the soapy water out of her hands. That also explains some of the weird bowel issues she's been having. We are now on high alert to make sure she gets the right amount of soap and uses it appropriately.

Going right along with the bathroom theme, here is another Emma Rose funny. Last night as we were going into the rehearsal dinner for my brother's wedding. Emma Rose announced, "I have to freakin' pee-pee." Her daddy is a fan of the adjective freakin', and Emma Rose has now added that to her vocabulary.

I've recently discovered the reason for the majority of dust bunnies in my house and how they relate to Jasper's bald spots. Anabelle loves Jasper so much that she likes to keep handfuls of her hair as Jasper desperately tries to get away from her. After one of these moments of love, I saw a small, wet bunch of Jasper's hair on Anabelle's chin. Combine the handful of Jasper's hair with the need to put her hands in her mouth due to teething . . . gross. Is cat hair a good source of protein?

Anabelle's teething is leading to teeth numbers 5 and 6, both on the top. She is still not walking, but John and I are working to get her to be confident in her balance and to take that first independent step. Anabelle is an expert at sneaking away from her parents to climb up the stairs and scare us to death.

Anabelle Practicing Blue Steel from Zoolander

Anabelle trying to Traverse the Baby Gate & Climb the Stairs

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