Monday, October 27, 2008

Exciting news from the last few days:

  • No, nobody is pregnant except my dear friend Nicki who is having a "stinky" boy.
  • Anabelle took 7 independent steps last week - the most evah.
  • Emma Rose went to Sunday school all herself "without one single tear" she proudly said.
  • Anabelle had her first day in Sunday school and only cried the last 10 minutes. They probably tried to give her gold fish. I wonder if she gave them The Sign.
  • John & I were able to go to church together for the first time in a year.
  • I scratched my eyeball (not on purpose) and was in so much pain that I went to the doctor sans an appointment and waited for mercy.
  • Emma Rose said she wanted to talk about cars at dinner tonight. Her daddy has indeed brain washed her.
  • John turned 34. Wow - since I am 8 years younger than he is, I'm wondering how it will feel when that happens to me. We went to the 41st Annual Moonshine Festival in Dawsonville to celebrate. There were lots of cars there.
  • We saw a Pine Siskin at our feeder.
  • I still cannot think of a name for John's car. He's really keen on Delilah, which means languishing, lovelorn or seductive. It reminds me of the Atlanta station B98.5 with love songs in evenings and its hostess, Delilah. Maybe that works. It just doesn't seem to fit the car. I've promised I'll have a name by the end of the week. I need suggestions . . . (He has ruled out Misty.)

Pine Siskin

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