Thursday, October 16, 2008

We have finally started working on getting some trees in the yard! It's very exciting since the back yard is totally bare except for the culvert next to the back fence. The culvert is not exactly picture worthy, and it could also be dangerous if a child or small animal fell into it. (There is a board over it to protect the lives of our children and dog.)

In March, the first tree we planted was a dogwood in the front yard. The second tree was a maple. John dug up a small sapling and planted it in the front yard. It's just a bit smaller than Emma Rose. She would not pose for a picture beside the tree. We're all keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn't die.
The third and fourth trees will be planted by Friday. I found red cedar trees on sale! I've been wanting to plant them to attract cedar waxwings to our yard. It might be a long shot, but if we don't get the cedar waxwings, the trees should attract some other birds. John dug two giant holes, and we'll put them in tomorrow once we get some good soil to mix with the native Georgia red clay (that permeates and stains every fiber of children's clothing). Emma Rose had a great time helping her daddy, and Anabelle, Hobie, and I "supervised." In several years, the trees will also be great to offer a little privacy from the house that is contracted to be built on the lot next to us.

I'm hoping to plant a few more trees, hopefully deciduous, during the fall, and we'll look for some others that are native to Georgia and will attract some birds. In other birding news, the little tufted titmouse has started visiting the feeders again! Once we put out more suet, I'm hoping he'll come much more often and I can get a good picture of him.
Female (left) and Male (right) House Finches

This afternoon, I had my first ride in the new mustang. Both the girls were in the car with us, and it was a tight squeeze with two car seats. At one point, John moved one of his hands to scratch his back. Emma Rose said to him, "Both hands on the wheel, Daddy!" She also announced that she likes to go fast. I think John's car obsession is rubbing off on her. It's pretty scary as I think John might indulge her when she can drive. Sadly, I still do not know what to name the mustang. The choices so far are Dorie and Norah, but neither seem to be quite right.

Anabelle, the one who refuses to walk, started playing peek-a-boo tonight at dinner. It was very cute! She would hide her face with her hands, remove hands, and then squeal when we all said "Peek-a-boo!"

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