Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Weekend in Maryville, TN

Last weekend, John and I (aka a planner by occupation and a scheduling freak) made a spontaneous decision to go to Maryville to visit Sugar Pops (John's dad and step-mom). At noon we called to make sure Sugar Pops would be home and were receptive to a visit. At 1:30, we were in the car and headed north. I only forgot Anabelle's pajamas.

The weekend was a perfect choice for a visit as there was a fall festival in Maryville. Before we went to the festival, Emma Rose rode Thomas the train down the driveway, and John let Anabelle (in the stroller) race Emma Rose. Julian, our nephew, was able to spend a good part of the day with us Saturday, and we all enjoyed the festival. We were also able to see Grammy for a little bit on Sunday. It's nice that John's travel schedule is light right now so that we can make a trip north!

One final note: The best part of the weekend is that this UGA fan was in Tennessee when the Georgia Bulldogs beat the Tennessee Volunteers! It was a first for me.

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