Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On Monday, my little Emma Rose went to ballet just like a big girl. There was not even one tear. I waited and waited for the freak-out, but it never came! She was even excited to go into the class room before the class started. When it was time to trade her ballet slippers for her tap shoes, she came out, traded shoes, and went right back in! She didn't follow directions the entire time, and she even took off her skirt and put it back on during the middle of the class. She also kept trying to hug her friend, Lily Grace. Lily Grace was not so ready to return the hug, but she was very nice about it. She did not push Emma Rose away; she only stood as if she were a statue. Those little ballerina girls are so cute! I can't imagine how their teacher is going to get them all to participate in the recital. She has 8 more months, and I'm sure it'll at least be fun (or funny??) to watch.

Emma Rose has also started "reading" books to her sister. She read almost all of Miss Spider's Tea Party: The Counting Book by David Kirk to Anabelle last night. She's heard the book so often that she can recite it just about word for word. She even adds in the little extras that I've added during the last three and a half years.

Today, the whole family took Hobie for a walk. The vet told us he needed to lose a couple of pounds. We ran into several our neighbors and chatted it up with them. Then we came home, so John could change the oil on the still nameless car. Several of our other neighbors were outside, too, so we chatted it up with them. Emma Rose was playing with Harrison at his house, the 3 year old across the street. One of my neighbors said "Uh-oh" and pointed. Emma Rose was fast-walking with her shoes, pants, and undies in her hands from the neighbor's back yard. She had an accident and had taken off her wet clothes. Daddy quickly came to the rescue, and many of our neighbors were able to get a good look at Emma Rose's super cute bottom complete with tan lines. Where was my camera???

Anabelle has developed a fascination with my eye lashes. She says "eye" in a very southern accent, points to my eye, and then pulls my eye lashes. This afternoon right before the streaking incident, Anabelle showed off for the neighbors by saying "sky," again in a very southern accent, and pointed up to the sky. It's always nice when the girls show off in a positive way for us!

Anabelle is still not walking, but she continues to tease us with the 'almost' moments.

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